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California asking for help from Vermont

Health Effects 
Chemical Poisons are ruining our health.

Turbofans DO NOT Produce Contrails.

Environment Effects
Vermont Tree Deaths

Poisonous Chemtrail Rain Killing Vegetation

Tree Deaths in New Zealand

Photos and Videos
Local Vermont Chemtrails

"Evergreen" CIA Owned Airline: Dropping Poison On You And Your Family Read about how you are being poisoned. In Shasta County, California, a public hearing was held denouncing chemical spraying.
Watch the video.
Engineered Drought Catastrophe Target in California - By Dane Wigington.

Listen to Dane's Presentation

Geo-Engineering aerial spraying contains highly toxic Aluminum, Barium and Strontium. When seen contact your Vermont Representative immediately.

By Dahr Jamail, Truthout: 


The US Navy is planning 
to hold its Northwest 
Electromagnetic Radiation 
Warfare training program 
over Olympic National Park 
and Olympic National Forest 
in Washington State, despite 
concerns over potentially 
severe impacts on human health, 
wildlife and the environment.
Read about this ghastly activity.
The Truth Is Out Their Lies Are Old: 
SJV Air Pollution Control Board 
Is Complicit In GeoEngineering!

Dumbed Down Government Officials:
Public Comment On GeoEngineering Limited 
To 12 Minutes: Is The Air Pollution Control 
Board Insane?
What a crime.  Watch the video

What is geo-engineering?  

Geoengineering refers to any man made manipulation of our planet's climate. It is often referred to as climate modification.

This  weather modification program has been going on secretly for many years; right over our heads without our knowledge or consent.  The stated goal  is to offset global warming by covering the atmosphere with clouds of metallic particles to dim the planet and reflect back the heat that is claimed to have been building up due to fossil fuel carbon emissions. Another goal is to achieve domination over climate as a war machine. This program has been kept out of all of the main news media leading us to wonder if this is supposed to be beneficial to the planet.  Read More              

Vermonters Against Geo-Engineering has been created to inform, educate, raise awareness and call to action the people of the state of Vermont to have a ban placed on the toxic aerosol spraying of our skies.  

This site has  two purposes  

1. To provide viewers with information regarding the extensive use of Geo-Engineering and; 

2. To allow viewers to exchange information regarding what they themselves have observed as well as to pose questions pertaining to the various types of Geo-Engineering being deployed.

To support these claims, numerous documents as well as photographs have been compiled which prove the existence of Geo-Engineering both within the United States as well as in other nations around the world. We will do our best to make sure that the photographs on the site have not been doctored in any way via picture editing software.

On this site we address on-going existing Geo-Engineering events as well as the adverse effects resulting from such actions; including human health, destruction of vegetation, adverse effects on agriculture and extreme weather fluctuations.

We hope that those who visit the site will use the E-Mail function at the bottom of the page to announce their visitation and to submit comments pro or con concerning the issues presented.

As the site progresses, we will add more information under the "tab" titles above. 

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Read How NASA Proposes Spraying Stratospheric Aerosols into Earth's Atmosphere