Vermonters Against Geo-Engineering


What is Geo-Engineering

The  Geo-Engineering program

This secret classified weather modification program has been going on for many years right over our heads without our knowledge or consent that has other darker purposes associated with it. This covert program is part of an overall geo-engineering operation that has utilized various techniques.  The most apparent goal is to offset global warming by covering the atmosphere with clouds of metallic particles to dim the planet and reflect back the heat that is claimed to have been building up due to fossil fuel carbon emissions. Another goal is to achieve domination over climate as a war machine. This program has been kept out of all of the main news media leading us to wonder why if this is supposed to be beneficial to the planet.               

WHY do our representatives deny it?

When politicians are questioned about this, either they deny it or they state that geo-engineering  exists but it is not being carried out. There is also misinformation and a conflict of information being given out upon questioning within the various representative's offices.

There is overwhelming evidence gathered so far in the form of water, soil, human blood test samples and official documents of various branches of the United States government prove otherwise! Hundreds of thousands of photos and videos of the spraying of the skies are being documented all over the world and many have been protesting this for years but this news never appears in the media. Information about this atrocity is all over the internet where there is still some degree of freedom to speak out. There are many professional documentaries to be seen as well.

 The chemicals being applied, (often referred to as chemtrails in lay terms) are being set up in the sky via aircraft that leave lingering trails that do not dissipate like normal passenger airliners. These sprayed long trails or short spurts of aerosols spread out over time and white out the sky.  Often they form artificial white clouds that usually are more linear in shape and dark gray cloud like forms. The spraying of the metallic particles along with radio frequency emitters such as the HAARP array in Alaska help move the metallic clouds along to  create "weather" In turn the radio waves are being carried further via the conductive metallic particles.

What to look for and what to feel:

You will notice that there are few blue skies anymore. When there are blue on rare occasions, please notice how intense the rays of the sun feel on your skin after very little exposure!

The spraying aircraft can be easily seen laying out these trails. Often the planes crisscross each other and follow no typical commercial flight pattern. The aircraft also form  grid like patterns in the sky to more effectively disperse the particles. Spraying is carried out in layers, so often when a lower layer is created there is spraying occurring above that no one can see. Spraying is carried out during the night as well. Spraying tends to be more aggressive in large populated areas. The cloud formations sometimes look like herring bones due to the electromagnetic pulses manipulating them.


These aerosols consist of deadly metallic nano-particles and other biological agents that are making us sick; especially the very young, elderly and those whose immune systems are already compromised.

There is a strong correlation between what is being sprayed and the epidemic of blurred vision, clogged sinuses, a metallic taste on the tongue, headaches, fatigue, cardiac complications, gastrointestinal problems and short term memory loss.  The fact is that every person's immune system is slowly being compromised with the daily intake of these poisons!

The incidence of cancers,  very low vitamin D levels, allergies, autism, asthma reproductive disorders and Alzheimer's are at an all time high; (literally an epidemic), and are associated with the heavy metals, biological and radioactive elements being taken up by the soil, water, livestock, crops and ourselves. 75% of children have some type of upper respiratory problem and teachers are aware of this.

The Geo-engineering  program is simply bad science gone wrong. It is creating extreme temperature shifts, storms, droughts and flooding. It is slowly killing off all oceanic and terrestrial life!


 Here in Vermont the devastation to trees and the soil chemistry is alarming after a massive 2013/2014  winter of aggressive assaults. After a terrible and prolonged winter please notice the huge number of dead, dying and decaying trees that are full of funguses, molds, overgrowth of lichens and are cracking like brittle tiles. They are literally rotting from the inside out!  The trees also are showing signs of scorching on their southern sides due to the ozone layer that is being ripped to shreds by this program and allowing deadly wavelengths of light through to the ground that never reached before. We are being fried with massive doses of UBV rays.

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