Vermont tree death from aerosol spraying, nucleated snow and ozone layer damage



 Geo-engineering stratospheric aerosol spraying was stepped up in mid August of 2013 as witnessed across the country and may have created one of the worst winters on record for the cold temperatures and long duration. The spring was 3 weeks late in many locations.  Some damage to trees and homes were due to the shear weight of the kind of snow which had been manufactured by cloud seeding with elements that super cooled the temperatures. The snow that fell was icy, heavy and well below any normal snow temperature. It  "burned" the trees and shrubs as if exposed to dry ice. Everyone is seeing the aftermath of this past winter around the state.


This same condition killed 100,000 head of cattle in South Dakota on October 14th 2013 still grazing on late summer pastures before their winter's coats grew in. The animals succumbed to the almost instant 20 degree below zero snow that cling to them in surrounding air temperatures of over 40 Degrees!  Here is the link to that storm incident as reported on CBS news:



Aluminum Poisoning


Extremely high and dangerous levels of aluminum particles are being detected all over the United states and the world which are contaminating our air, soils and water sources. Aluminum is just one of the major nano particles being dispersed. Barium, strontium and many others are part of the mix.


 Aside from the detrimental effect to human health; especially effects on the brain, aluminum poisons and alkalizes the soil. Core samples of trees are showing that many are rotting from the inside out and many have lost huge living branches due to this inner rotting. This is strongly suggests aluminum poisoning.


Trees most noticeably affected by this aluminum contamination being sprayed, are conifer trees that require a more acid soil PH. Most are sick with diseased bark, browned out with partial needle lose or total death. There is a strong correlation between the alkalizing effect of aluminum oxide that is being found in many documented test samples taken from ponds, lakes, soil and rain samples and tree decline.


Conifers are not the only trees affected. Virtually all of the trees have been effected in some way; especially after the aggressive winter spraying and nucleated snow storms of 2013/2014 here in Vermont .  California which has been aggressively spayed for years has even more notable damage and the public is more aware and calling their politicians and state agencies to task. A number of public protests and meetings are taking place there.


Ozone Depletion and other unknown biological agents


With simple observation one can see that almost all trees are beginning to thin out and have stunted/deformed leaf growth. Younger trees especially, have deformed or red tips at their extremities. Many buds are stunted or dead. One also notices abundant growth of mosses and lichens on the bark which is a sign of sick trees. There is incredible devastation in the forests with dying rotting trees having brittle cracking trunks never seen before.


There is no question that the protective ozone shell around our planet (relatively the thickness of a coat of paint) is being severely damaged. These ozone holes allow lethally dangerous wavelengths from the sun though to the ground that are not supposed to. The result is the epidemic of skin cancers in adults and children.  The trees and shrubs are showing signs of scorching, peeling and mutation.



Many unusual fungal and biological agents of unknown origin have also been found in test samples and it is not clear exactly what particular sprayed agents (except for aluminum) from geo-engineering spraying is having a particular effect on the leaf stunting, red tips and mutations.


There is much evidence that the geo-engineering program that is not being admitted to publicly, is in fact destroying the ozone layer of this planet more than fossil fuel usage.


Almost everyone with a lawn will notice damage